People say be kind and nice.
Don’t be rude.
People like and need your goodness.
I have grown up with this mentality.
But are those who need my goodness actually good themselves?
Why am I the only one making sacrifices?
I heard helping others would make me feel good.
So why am I unhappy?

Being innocent can hurt.
People use other people to their advantage.
Is it worth breaking a heart?
Isn’t it the heart that is priceless?
We can find so many broken hearts in this big world.
In this big world people value money, status, and buildings.
They think these are better than heart, emotions, and feelings.
When they don’t care, why should you?

Be nice to people but do not make your kindness their habit.
When you stop, you will be accused.
You will be called the worst person in this universe.
This is what the world has taught innocent me.

By Farahnaz R.

The writer is a student abroad. Photo by Thomas Hawk.