Only your warm hug gives me peace
My sorrows are forgotten
When I am dispirited
Saying your name fills me with delight
If I could not talk to you
My heart might stop
You are my beginning
And the best part of my life
When we talk   
My pains go away
Without you I am unsure
With you beside me
I become mighty
If you cry  
Your tears fill my eyes
Your laugh fills my heart with love
You make me complete
If you are not by my side
I will not be successful
If you do not hold my hand
I will not become myself
If you do not accompany me
I become depressed
If you turn away your face
When I feel your soft hand in mine 
I feel relief
My world depends on you
My heart is devoted to you
After God, you are my only protector

By Sitara B.

ISAF photo/ USAF SrA Alexandra Hoachlander