I was in Peshawar during this great tragedy. I was going out the back door of the UNHCR office on Tuesday—for me it was just another day to try to find a solution to some problems my family members and I are facing.

But the sound of the police cars and ambulances disrupted the peace of the city. I said to myself that I hated those sounds and wondered what accident had occurred. On the way home I saw terrified people and from the great flurry of activity I understood that there was no peace in the city that day.

There were traffic problems in many areas as roads were closed. With much difficulty I arrived home. When I watched the news I was shocked to learn of the criminal attack on innocent school children. Oh my God, after viewing the bodies of those children, no one has been able to stop crying.

I wish for understanding for the families of the murdered children and am praying for peace in the world. No mother should have to mourn her child.

By Mariam

Photograph of the memorial in Trafalgar Square, London, by Kashif Haque.