Women’s rights are human rights and there will be no peace and no progress if women are denied their human rights.

On this International Human Rights Day, we all must work together to stop violence and discrimination against women.

We must make sure that no one has control over women’s lives and women’s bodies, but women themselves. Women must be given the chance to find their voice and their inner strength.

When women are included in society and the workforce, our society will have a stronger economy, stronger families, and stronger children. When women get an education and learn skills, they can achieve positions in leadership and power.

On this Human Rights Day, we must understand that to remain quiet about women who are marginalized, violated, insulted, humiliated, raped, and killed is a sin.

We must fix the wrong culture that teaches our children that boys are responsible for working outside, and that girls will stay home.

Women must have equal rights to the fresh air and streets. They must have the right to walk freely on the streets without being harassed. Women must have the right to chase their dreams, travel alone, drive cars, and even fly airplanes.

Women are human; they are not someone’s property. Women must have the right to decide how many children they want to have. Women must not be blamed for being raped, and then be killed to preserve the family honor.

If we do not recognize women’s rights as human rights, our children and grandchildren will live in fear and will be denied their human rights.

By Marzia

The author currently lives abroad where she advocates for the rights of Afghan women and girls.