Our goals are the same:
      to remove obstacles to peace.
Our ways are the same:
      to make the world fortunate.
Our desires are the same:
      to collapse barriers of mistrust,
realize and tolerate each other.
      So why do we hesitate?
Let’s tear the chains—
Grab prosperity.
Knock down the cruel mouth,
      overcome his fraud and tricks.
Gain liberty,
      if we raise voices of unity.
If we join together, clean up
our hearts, are honest
with each other, no one,
no one can steal our cheer.
No one can stop our movement.
The window of pleasure will open before us.
The perfume of friendships will surround us.
      Let’s spit on hostility; let’s show
our solidarity, spit on hostility.                               

By Sitara B.

Photo: Pam Sutton Photography