Boom! Boom! Boom! Afghanistan’s morning
Alarm clock rings
But my mind is tired today
I want to sleep and dream
About a peaceful country
A place where
we don’t need to fight for human rights
we don’t need to fight for peace
we don’t need to fight for women and children
all our rights are maintained
Still my soul is like a caged bird
I see this beautiful world only in my morning dream

Boom! I awaken
I am alive
I breathe
I do not fear death
My soul tells me to fight
My thoughts say I am here to save your rights
The strength and spirit within my body urge
Me to stand without fear
To fight for your rights
The words in my mouth say speak until they listen
Say no to insurgents, to their cowardly inhuman attacks

Boom! I feel alive
For those who trust me
For those who count on me
For those who wait for me
For those who still believe there is someone to help them
I am awake
I will stand like a wall
You will not be able to even touch me  

By Maryam M.