A gun, a pen
Dirty mind, clean heart
No future, good future:
You are one, we are millions.

You talk for yourself;
I talk for millions of girls
—living here.
You fear life;
(you keep a gun).

Your gun is weakness; my pen is strength.
Your gun hurts people; my pen makes them smile.
I am proud of life—
(I keep a pen and books):

You destroy, I build,
but I am not afraid,
I am not afraid.
Life is beautiful,
(things are good)—

I am alive.

I have a pen, I write, I talk.
I see my long life-journey, 
but you see only death, death of your self.

you can kill me, kill her, kill him,
but you can never kill us all,
for you are one—we are millions.

You live in yesterday, I live
in tomorrow, and the day
after tomorrow
and the day
after that.

By Maryam M.

Photo by Nicola Sapiens Dimitri