When I close my eyes,
I feel what you felt when you were beaten
I feel the ache of every stone on my head
Cold blood on my face
I hear the sound of hundreds beating me
        and the crowd smothering me
I cannot breathe
I see everything in red
The faces of murderers are red, the street, the weather, the soil is red
I dream I am a teacher
        in front of a black board
        explaining something to students
I dream I am at home
        together with my family
        eating lunch
Then everything is dark, dark like night
I lose consciousness, the aches decrease
        the sounds disappear
Just one question echoes: what was my sin?

There is a big gap in my heart
Rest in peace dear Farkhunda, released from this cruel community
They never understand a woman’s feelings
You flew like an angel
We remain with all the murderers

By Farida