Some days ago, it was my cousin’s birthday, and I had to travel to my sister’s office, as we both had to go and buy cake. It was raining, and I love the rain. I left home and decided to walk to my sister’s office, instead of taking the bus. Every drop of rain patted my ears. The rain washed everything. The trees, streets, and sky were completely washed, and they were all so clean. The lights of cars shone beautifully and made everything very bright. The sound of the rain was beautiful music. I was just falling in love with that rain. When I reached my sister’s office, I was feeling transformed, and I loved this feeling. I called my sister who works at a women’s support organization, and when she came out, we took a taxi to the cake shop. We found a beautiful cake; its shape was like a white ghost. I selected that cake because my cousin is a ten year old child, and I was sure that he would love it. I love rainy days, and I will remember this one forever. Every day of rain is a new experience for me. I think the sound and its wetness are what makes rain so special.

By Humaira

Photo by Takashi Hososhima