Sakina is 28. She was married at age 15.

Bamiyan—In the name of Allah I was born in Bamiyan in 1987 and I was married 13 years ago. I have four children and we have a good family.

My husband and I are illiterate. When my husband can find a job during the day, we are happy because then we have money to buy something. During the day I do housework, washing and cleaning, and it is very boring.

I am very sad that I cannot read and write and I cannot help my children. When I want to call someone, I go to the neighbor’s house for help. I am trying to learn so I can go to a literacy course. Educated mothers have healthier babies. But one of my boys and one of my girls go to school. We are very happy and always try to help them. I want my children to achieve their dreams.

If our culture did not always blame me for being a girl and would give me a chance for an education, I could become a helpful person for our society and my family. If I could work in an office our finances would be better and we could have a have good life.

By Sakina, as told to Zakia