I was thinking what to write
Night and quiet
Alone in my room, near the window 
With my ideas, pen and notebook.

I was thinking what to write
Titles crowded my mind 
Why love and what is love? 
What is it like to be famous? 
What are the stories behind making a sculpture
Drawing a picture?
Why do people kill?
Is it the end of world?
How can a pen and notebook help share my thoughts?

I was thinking what to write
Ideas swarmed into my room
Like outraged bees
How women living in prisons
Seem like women imprisoned in homes
How there are many kinds of love:
The love when your mom hugs you
The love of a friend
The love from your lover
The love from your fans
The love you feel standing before a piece of art

I was thinking what to write
How it’s time to replace hate with love
I take my notebook, ideas and writing
Into the world 
Time to break the silence

By Maryam M.

Photo by Caitlin Regan