Her skin stained with bruises
Her mind fills with clouds
Her face blue with punches
She is an unusual flower on the ground

Blood waters her roots
Tears moisten her petals
Dust grays her hair
She has lost her thorns, her pride

Pain stabs her stem
Hatred curtains her eyes
Dark sweat falls near her earth
She drags herself to the sun

Wishes are ash in her heart
Hopes crack in her field
Her pale leaves can’t rise
She is a bizarre flower stamped to ground

Voices stick in her sepal
Men like a flock of crows
Swirling around her head, pecking her essence
Engraving her into the ground

Thoughts become thunderstorms
Emotions slap her veins
Despair drains her sap
She is a beautiful flower of a father
Shattered into the ground

By Mahnaz

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski