A baby girl starts breathing
     with her first
cry at birth.
A young girl starts learning slowly,
     slowly with the hugs of her
A girl will be happy when her father buys her a doll
     and her mother
wears a nice dress and combs her hair.
How can a girl be sad with a life like that?
Some days ago Farkhunda’s murder shocked people all over the world
     but nobody
hears the voice of
a poor girl —
a girl whose father
and brother-in-law take off her skin,
or the girl who the village Sheikh dishonors.
Lots of silence happens like this.
When I write these words I feel my head become so heavy
     it can’t stand on my body.
My ears become deaf and I can’t hear anything.
In front of my eyes there is black and black and black
     like my world
     like my hometown
     like this long night.

By Sumaia

Photo by Jacksoncam