I am a woman who has been labeled a “black-head” from day one.

I am a woman who has no right to dream. I am a woman who has to accept that my family and society will decide my future for me. I am a woman who has the big responsibility of giving birth, but who earns nothing.

I am a woman who was born to obey or else I am called names by my community and considered a scourge on my family. Finally, I am a woman who can raise my voice only to wail and moan in sadness and pain.

Most Afghan women have to live with secret burning desires and sacrifice every moment of our lives.  We get used to being surrounded by sorrow and tears. The only thing that a woman can do in this society is to wail on about her own pain and troubles. Do only men have the right to be called human in our culture?

I have decided that no matter how society will change my destiny and my life, I will still be crying and wailing. I will sing and moan even if this becomes the only routine of my daily life. I will do it until the mountains and all of nature can hear it. I will croon until the world feels me.

Even if I die, my wails will still be touching some hearts. These hearts will fight for me, and my wails and sorrows, engraved by the depth of my heart and my voice, will still be heard and whispered by some humans, maybe by brave women like me, who will fight for change.

By Fahima

Photo by Balazs Gardi