When we talk about marriage among the disabled, mostly we hear about it from people who do not have a disability. They believe that people with a disability should marry someone with a similar disability.

For example, Sabria has a disability with her leg and she married a man who has the same problem with one of his legs.  Before her marriage Sabria had many problems with her friends and family. Now she has a life full of love and happiness with her husband. She believes that her life changed for the better after she married.

Then there is Madam Sana. She has no disability and she is the soul mate and wife of her husband Abdulhai B., who is disabled. Sana is also very happy with her marriage. She believes that the disability of her husband never limits her dreams and wishes for her life. She says: “All the good points a man needs to have are in my husband.”

Abdulhai works for an organization helping disabled people in Herat. When I asked him about his married life, his eyes filled with tears and he said: “When I see this much love and kindness from my wife, I am very happy but also I see that I can’t help her because of my disability. I cry in my heart.”

Living with a disability is not always easy. Marriage is important for people and it is a big concern among disabled people, according to a woman who works with a human rights committee in Herat. She says many disabled people can handle all their responsibilities and work at a job.

We need the help and support of Afghanistan’s government to provide opportunities for disabled people. Marriage helps us to escape from a lonely life. It is necessary for physical and mental happiness in our lives and it plays just as important a role in the life of people with disabilities.

By Storay K.

Translated from Dari by Pari.