The good father thinks of his family
How to support them and make them happy
He is thankful to Allah for this family
The good father is a role model for his children
He adores his daughters
He does not despise them for being girls

The good father protects his family from predators
He would not let harm come to any Afghan woman
Whether widow or orphan
The good father lets his daughters study
He doesn’t break their pens and tear up their papers
The good father turns nightmares to lovely dreams

He is filled with peace, pride, and happiness
My good father shines like a star in our family
He is our best supporter
He lets me go to school and helps me to be an educated girl
My good father walks step by step with my mother
When she works, he cares for her children, helps with housework

Encourages her to travel on her own for her job
My good father believes women are strong
Urges me to stand against injustice
And show that men and women have equal rights
My best times are with my father
When I am sad, he hugs me

When I conquer problems
He says:  “You faced them bravely
I am here and you need not be scared.”
My good father walked with me to school
He would not let cruel men disturb me

He let me go to school when others made their daughters stop
My good father is a symbol of kindness
He is the calmness of my heart
He helps me be successful in life
I am proud to have a good father and I love him

By Zahra W., age 15

U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Sarah R. Webb.