Lying carelessly on my unmade bed
I lost consciousness for a time
Immersed in daydreams
I forgot my unbearable being
In a society of lost dreams
Where visions easily fade away
Replaced with duties, to take care of others.

I gazed on the title of a book about someone
I had tried so hard to imitate.
I swallowed all the words
Sending them to remote corners of my brain.
Witnessed a vision of myself
Lying carelessly on the bed.

Drifting away to a strange new country
Where the mornings are blank
In a place I don’t belong
And sunrise will not awaken me.

The spin of life, too short,
Without dreams is like empty
Pants pockets in a shop
Money gone, spent on unnecessary things
Dreams gone, nothing to live for
Life over, too soon.

Yet my heart longs for a dream
To swirl and spin me away
From the world where I am living.
The shape of this book inspires me
To not fear the disgrace of my dream
But to find release in success.

Suddenly my body shakes ruthlessly
My daydream ends.
But I have found a place
To dream my dreams
In an unmade bed
As sunshine travels off to sleep.

By Hajar