the women of this land
behind the windows of their burqa
write passionately and honestly.
            Tell me that hearts will be stirred,
Tell me, the women of this land
tell me that hearts have been buried
in frozen lands, and I see
a cemetery where feeling,
humanity, and civilization
have been buried,
            where angry men attempt
to raise their name with money
making victims of poor children
or women—old and young—
and I am a woman, forgotten
in a political generation
with political games, like a child from childhood,
            and I have been stoned and burned
by those who made my dreams a cemetery,
            who sold me for a price
to make buildings, cars,
and amusements. And I was stoned
            by ignorant and cruel
minds, ones who stopped my maturity,
did not allow me to go to school,
and then stamped “puberty”
on my forehead
and forced me to marry
an old
and have children,
when I was only nine years old…
But I am
woman, woman,
            a woman
a statue of Love,
and I
will rise!

by Nasima

Photo courtesy DVIDSHUB