It has been a long time since I have written.

The thoughts, the words, and everything else have been buried within my busy and tough life. There are thousands of things to write about. The terror in our country, the ambiguity in the future of Afghanistan, the lives lost every day, the lost dreams of a girl, my life, my dreams, and my future.

But why am I feeling too weak to write about all these topics? Why does it hurt even thinking about it? And why am I ignoring them? Is it because of the pain or because I want to just run away from them?

I have no answer to all of these questions, but I know that these topics are not happy ones. They have a lot of hidden pain and it takes strength to reveal them and share with the world. But then I think someone has to bring up these things and share the stories in hopes that somehow, in some way, they will touch someone’s heart. I might be able to open someone’s eyes once again to see what is being done in one small part of the world—Afghanistan.

I will write and I will let the words flow out of my mind and reach everyone possible so that they know that somewhere in Afghanistan, there are people who are so tired of the terror, people who are frustrated about the uncertainty in their lives, and so many people who mourn the loss of their loved ones.

I will write and tell you stories of how inhumane we humans have become and how we are all fighting the terror. But, there is no sign of success. We all know why we have not been able to overcome the terror that we all face. There is no difference between me and you, but yet we are different.

From our creation until modern times, we are all called Human even though we live in different geographical locations and cultures. We were known as hunters and gatherers. There was no one to call you or me different depending on a particular race. Then as the world has progressed, we have become separated by race, religion, borders, political background, and gender. If we stood together, regardless of our backgrounds, we would be known as human.

But instead we are segmented by our country borders, by the power the country possesses, by being an elite race, by the number of educated citizens, the number and quality of schools and universities we have, by facilities provided to us. We are categorized as developed, developing, or third-world countries. We become each other’s enemies. You fear me and I fear you. This is a fantastic observation. We usually see this as “fearing the other” or “fearing the unknown.”

I write to tell you about all the fear we all have in our hearts. It raises the question in all our minds of why, if we are similar, why are we fighting each other? Ask why a border, a religion, or a language should separate you from me. Why am I known as Afghan and you as American, British, Pakistani, Iranian, or Swedish if we are all the same human race?

Today I write, to fulfill my role, as a human and an Afghan, to let the words reach you and wake you up to see the world around you and discover that you and I have the same problems, same dreams, same goals, but yet we are different. 

By Marzia N.

Earth, taken by a US DISCOVR earth observation satellite on July 6, 2015.