I am an orphan, but not the only one.
I lost parents, but I am not the only one;
I beg for peace, love and solidarity;
I don’t want war, and I don’t want a gun.
There is war in my country.
Red covers all the other colors,
And I see dead bodies more than live ones;
I hear more crying than laughter,
and I am lost in the dust of bomb blast.

I am an orphan, but not the only one.
And I don’t want any name on me:
Indio, Muslim, Sunni and Shia
are killing humanity.
They are killing peace on this Earth.
Free me from their hate.
Free me from this pain of different names
and different colors.
Free me

I am an orphan, but not only the one.
I don’t want to know a God created by people,
who kills more innocents in the name of God.
I don’t want to worship
their God who has no respect for humans; 
free me from this cage of endless war,
free me from endless war
where I am powerless, and
Morality is losing.

Yes, I am an orphan, but not the only one;
I see many more, many more
around me—
I see more mothers lose children;
I see more children lose mothers;
I see more homes destroyed. Oh,
let me sleep, let me sleep. Oh
let me dream a dream, the
dream of peace.

by Shogofa

Photo by Simon Monk