Do you know
The meaning of Country
If you ask me I will say
Country is Mother, my Mother
Country is Life, my Life

For 30 years, my mother and my life
Have burned in the fire of wars
Internal and external wars
During President Karzai’s government
People felt a little better and for fourteen years
Raised a new generation of girls like me
Girls who can raise their voices to the world
For my country

In one year under the government of
President Ghani once again
My Country, my Mother
Cries blood

Do you know why she cries?
Taliban attacked
Kunduz, Takhar, Parwan and Badahkshan
Taliban took Kunduz
Opened a slaughterhouse
Of youths and students,
Employees of government and NGOs
Ravished women
Then killed them
Took everything from people
Burned their houses

Oh! My pen can’t write more
It shakes on the paper 
My lovely country
We don’t want to go back 30 years 
Keep us safe
We have no other place
To live, eat and drink

My country asks the supporters of Taliban
Do not support wild human groups!
Do valuable works instead!
Do not fight with Afghan people and our army!

We never will be beaten
We always will be with our country
One day we will beat you
And show you and your black
Faces to the world.

By S Anonymous