When I was born, there was WAR
I am a girl of WAR
When I was growing up, there was WAR
And still, there is WAR
Will there be peace one day?
Not only in certain regions, provinces, districts
I mean PEACE all over Afghanistan?

Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist groups
I am afraid of you
Everyone is afraid of you
You harm my people
Raping and killing
Innocent girls
Go away from my country!

People in my province Takhar are very scared
We haven’t been to school for a week
No more going to the center or to the park
I miss my school uniform, even though it’s black
The color of my enemy and their dark future
I feel compassion for my people in Kunduz
Especially the refugees and the children who have no food

I am a girl of WAR
I can stand against the Taliban
Not with a gun, but with a PEN
I am brave and strong
I will not let them destroy my country
I refuse to be terrorized
I will fight back with my mighty voice

By Aida S., age 14