My town has become a home of grief,
and its square—one of doomsday.
Carpenters have forsaken this home’s doors
and windows, and now they make
a coffin for a widow, who lost her
husband, her life’s shadow. Suicide
bombers have turned to mud her world of love
and longing. Muddy. The sky is full of
yelling, shouting, and the fountain—polluted, 
full of dragons devouring sea’s nymphs 
till every stomach is full of innocent fish.
And spreading like cancer—an incurable pain,
though never a sense of sin. Mothers’ cries
echo in the mountains, for Monster Suicide
has no mercy, grabbing children in its claws.
The firmament’s God is shouting, weeping,
Grieving from so much cruelty:
       Arrogant Suicidal Monsters! The dinosaurs of our century!

For there is no pity, and this town,
this town sulks from bloodshed; people fade,
hearts broken, shaken.
The mornings begin with massacre, the
night ends with mourning. Children’s ululations
rise to the sky, and conscience has died
in monsters deaf to hear it, blind to see it
My Allah, my God, my HaShem
in all names I call you.
The only purpose is You
the One, Mighty and Powerful
       Please, end this dark night;
have mercy on my country,
and light this cloudy sky—
Panic is everywhere, and the shadow
Shadow of death threatens everyone
in this—my town of tears.

By Sitara

Photo by Laura’s Eye