I don’t know how to describe my feelings about why there is always war in my country. I don’t know why there is always bombing, why the Taliban comes to my province or why Afghan people die in so many bad ways.

I don’t know why that when Afghan people seek refuge in a European country they must end up by drowning in the sea. And I don’t know why there are even more terrorist groups coming to my country in addition to the Taliban. After all this, yesterday there was an earthquake in Afghanistan.

I don’t know why my country has sorrows all of the time. I am sad. I feel sad about this huge earthquake of 7.5 magnitude that hit Afghanistan and some other countries in the region. Lots of people were killed in this powerful earthquake, especially in my province in the northeast where the earthquake was very strong.

More than fifteen students at Bibi Hajira high school in Takhar were killed. They were my age or younger. Bibi Hajira is a public school located in a leased building with four floors. The government leases the house. When the earthquake struck the students started running to escape. As they ran, some of the youngest students fell and then older students pushed them down and were running on top of them. This is why so many of the students died. Some students also died when they jumped down from the fourth floor to the ground.

All of these things make me so very sad. I was at a wedding party in my province on Monday when it started. Everyone was scared and came out of the houses.  Some women were running to other houses to get their young children and bring them to a safer area outside. 

This was my first time in a very powerful earthquake but I was not afraid of the earthquake. My mother was surprised when she saw that my sister and I were not scared. She told us that when she was very little and there was an earthquake she was very frightened and she thought she saw a ghost. But I am just sad about it.

By Aida S., age 14