People in Kunduz lock their doors
Praying that no one knocks

Women shiver; hide in basements and behind walls
Crying for their honor and safety

Children call for food
The electricity is gone

The heart of Kunduz bleeds
The monster is reborn

The Taliban, those scorpions
In black turbans

They sting our nation
With their poison

Father is afraid to go out
Grandmother warns him from death

Mother is searching for a burqa
Sister is cutting her long hair

She wants to dress like a man
She must avoid being raped

The younger sister cries
Her school has been closed for three days

She cradles her books
Thinking of her teachers

The neighbor’s screech echoes in the yard
Her son was beheaded by the Taliban

The scorpions swarm
The streets of Kunduz

As they shout Sharia, Sharia
The monster is reborn

By Mahnaz