Afghanistan is a country where many people are struggling and suffering. Families don’t have enough food and clean drinking water and now they are forced to stay in their homes like refugees in their own country because they are afraid of the Taliban. Why is life in Afghanistan so difficult? Why are we born to suffer? 

Today I am writing about Kunduz because I want to share what the people of Kunduz face, and Kunduz needs to know that the people in the other provinces of Afghanistan are thinking about them and wishing them peace.

I don’t want the Taliban, these enemies of Afghanistan, to get power again. I don’t want my dream of being an obstetrician to be destroyed by these monsters. I want to work for my future to bring great changes in lives of women. I never want to return to my difficult past. In recent years, I have seen progress for women, especially in the area of education, and I don’t want these new opportunities to be taken away again.

Many Afghans are giving up on Afghanistan and leaving their country because it is too dangerous or they have financial problems. It is difficult to leave your home, but many Afghans are leaving with hopes of building better lives with more possibilities for themselves and their children. The Taliban, the enemies of humanity, want us to think that they will make Afghanistan a good place to live again. But the Taliban destroyed our happiness before. We will not be fooled by them. They need to realize that they will never succeed in taking over all of Afghanistan.

We face many problems created by the Taliban. But the Taliban are also human beings, and when they create problems for society, they create problems for themselves. There is a proverb: If you dig a pit for others, you are also in the hole. If only we could forget about politics and religion and live together in peace and unity.

The Afghan people are willing to reconcile with the Taliban. Even after the Taliban has closed schools, killed innocent women and children, and attacked us with suicide bombs, we are ready to talk to them about peace. But they continue to fight us. Why? We know from three decades of war that we achieve nothing from war.  War only makes us poor and destroys our lives. There is another proverb in our language: You cannot wash away blood with blood, you have to wash blood with water. This tells us that we cannot achieve peace by fighting.

The Taliban are forcing Kunduz people to hide in their homes for safety. But we live in a global world and one day the Taliban will be punished for the problems they have created for the people of Kunduz. Again, I think of a proverb: Do not hit your neighbor’s door with one finger, because tomorrow he will hit your door with a punch. I hope the world, with the help of Afghan people, will take power away from the Taliban so we can all live in peace and prosperity.

By Shogofa Az.