When I think about change —
a change that can make the world different
a change in women that can make us laugh
allowing us to make a green life — I see a white flag.

A girl is shaking a white flag of peace
a boy stands next to her
He is telling her how his mom can be a courtroom judge
how women can go out without fear
how they can live their lives freely 
how they can enjoy each day

Someone is asking, “How did the change happen in Afghan women?”
I reply, “One day women were tired of discrimination,
“one woman said, ‘I want to change my life’
“another one said, ‘It is impossible’
“the next one spoke, ‘Let’s try.’ ”
One tried to be a good mom,
another tried to be a good teacher,
the next one tried to be a good writer.
Some fought against discrimination,
all found different jobs for improving women.
They tried and tried,
not one day, not two days.

Now women shake the white flag
the white flag of peace.
We can live freely
with our families.
Happy in our green country.

By Zahra H.