I could easily divide my life into two periods:
     before you,
     and after you.
When I learned about your existence
it was a turning point in my life—
and life before you changed into a big gap.
     Without meaning, without aim,
     like a ship in the middle of ocean
     moving here and there.
I fed you with my soul
and you bring me peace.
Happiness knocked on my door
and my sorrows went away.
When you were born
and our eyes connected,
I fell in love with you.
You were love itself—
     love even
     beyond love.
You are so innocent
     and pure
I cannot dare to touch you,
to kiss you.
You are a miracle
that I cannot find the correct word to define.
When you put your small hands in my hands
you touch my heart.
You give me the opportunity to be a witness to firsts:
     A first smile,
     A first word,
     A first step…
I pray God gives you a long life
and good health.
You are the secret of my happiness,
     the light of my eyes,
     my heartbeat,
     my breath—
My curious little philosophy.
You are the most beautiful thing that could ever happen in my life.
Happy first birthday
and thank you,
for giving me the precious title of:

By Farida

Photo by Resolute Support Media.