My heart breaks with the news
An attack in Paris by cowards!
By those who misuse the name of humanity

When I was a child I knew French people
In the heart of Kabul, there was Malali high school
And there was Esteqlal high school for boys
Both supported by the French

In critical periods of war in Afghanistan
When there was fighting
Muslims killing Muslims
No one knew why
The doors of the French hospital opened
To care for and treat Afghan victims

Side by side French people
Helped my country
I never had the opportunity
To say thank you

Now I feel shame
With these attacks
By those who water the tree of our life
With blood, blood, blood

But as long as we live
We breathe freedom
We live free and will continue to do so

Paris! The city of light
We want you bright, bright, bright!

By Pari

Photo by Divulgação Prefeitura de Paris