My ancient country – Ariana
I am proud of you Ariana
I sacrifice my self for you
You are my pride Ariana

I want your flag raised in the world
I want to see you honored
I want your enemies to die and vanish
I want you with no pain, not poisoned

I hope you bloom like a flower
Your sun shines and shines
May you stay always be proud
May your enemies disappear

Herat is the city of respected Abdula Ansari
Balkh is the city of Mawlana and Ali Mawla
Kundoz, Zabul and Badakhshan
It is the place for men of God

Kandahar! I want to build you
I want no more enemies in your heart
My Kapesa and Laghman!
I want your enemies to burn in fire

Kabul, you are my dream, my paradise
I am proud of you as my fathers were
Bamiyan! You are the heart of cultures
All the country is proud of you

Ghazni is the city of kings
It is home for Mahmod  Khan
Wardak is so beautiful and green
Farah! You are wonderful and nice

Parwan! It is full of grape gardens
I love the kindness of the people
The girls are like paradise angels
Parwan! You are so dear

Panjsheer is the city of bravery
It is the nest of brave men
Mulberry trees and agriculture
It brings beauty to the tables

Logar, Paktia and Baghlan
It is the land of Afghans
Love, honor, hope and honesty
It is in the heart of Samangan

Badghis has proud people
They are hospitable and kind
Ghor, Nimroz, and Daykondi
You are always green and shining

The huge deserts of tulips and flowers
Is in the heart of Orzghan
Faryab! Famous for its carpets
Beautiful, soft and shiny

The fire that burns in Khost
It burns the enemies and strangers
The unique culture of Buzkashi
It is the work of Jawozjan people

Sar-e-pol, Paktika and Zabul
The borders of ancient men
The big river of Helmand
It is always full of waves and so nice

The jungle of Paktika
It is lovely when it rains
My country! I love you so much
You are beautiful and fantastic

I am proud of you my country
You are full of wealth, full of mines

I sacrifice my self for you
I am proud my home is Khorasan

By Naheed

Translated from Dari by Pari. Photo of Qala Ikhtiaruddin citadel, Herat Province, by seair21