I cannot breathe in this atmosphere
Let’s run away from here
I cannot live with an old man
Let’s go out of here together

Hey… you are my love
I want to live with you
Not with an old man
Our love is like a pure dove

Oh… no
There are people searching for us
They want to kill us
Hurry up…
Just run …

I found them
Let’s kill them
Why did you run away with a boy?
We know you felt all the joys.

Come take stones
They should not go back
Alive to their homes
They are sinners

Don’t throw the stone
Let me go back home
I am not a sinner
I am just a lover

I love that boy, I want to get married
I am honest, that is not a sin
to break the vow I am engaged in
I ran away with my love

Don’t throw the stone
I didn’t do wrong
Please hear my sound
Please remember your own past

Didn’t you commit the wrong?
Didn’t you commit the sin?
Please don’t throw the stones
Let me go back home

By Zahra H.