Nilofar’s mother sang one morning
My pretty little daughter
You are everything to me
With your blue fairy eyes
You are my breath and heart
Without you I am nothing

Nilofar smiled as her mother sang
She said sweet words back
Mother I feel paradise in your bosom
The softest silk in your white hands
The perfume of flowers in your body
Mother I am nothing without you

Suddenly another loud sound
As rocks and buildings crashed
As the earthquake roared
The landslide smashing
Into houses and schools

Nilofar’s mother stopped singing
When the sound of death said
I am danger and you are no more
I am everywhere sang the earthquake
In Badkhshan, Takhar, and Kabul
And no one can save you but Allah

Nilofar’s mother no longer sings
Still her little daughter hears
The sound of her mother’s voice

By Sharifa

Photo by Mardetanha