Day by day the security situation is getting worse in Afghanistan, forcing more and more people to face the hard decision of whether to stay in Afghanistan or try to leave; to migrate legally if they can, or illegally if they can find ways to reach safety in another country.

There are many reasons for this increased migration, starting with the bombing attacks. But the economy is also a huge problem. Educated and uneducated people alike can’t find any work to support themselves in my country. About ninety percent of young people are jobless and rich people don’t invest their money in Afghanistan because the government doesn’t protect them.

I know many people who are jobless and worry about their future, including my brother and sister-in-law. They studied for sixteen years and now they cannot find jobs. When there is a simple job announcement there are about 1,000 people who hope to be candidates for the same post.

Human contraband increases day-by-day. Most of these kidnappings are young girls and boys or elderly people whose families will pay a ransom to the kidnappers to get them back. Mostly this is happening in cities like Kabul and Herat but also Balkh and some other provinces. People are being murdered daily for no apparent reason. Corruption is at its highest level.

If you were in such a situation what would you do? Some people decide the that best solution is to leave Afghanistan. First they try to get passports, but getting a passport takes a long time because there are about 4,000 people standing in line in Kabul. The TV news reported that about 2,000 people are getting passports per day.

The ones who migrate illegally do not know what awaits them, such as losing their beloved daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers along the way. Some drown in the sea and others die of hunger.

As a citizen of Afghanistan I do not ask the rest of the world to give us shelter, food, or water. All we want from you is not to assist the terrorists—Taliban, ISIL of Pakistan, ISIS, and the other wild groups. All we want from the world is to stop the killing and the bombing attacks on our country. All we want from you is to be kind with all people. Don’t use people as a policy weapon for your own benefits like ISIL in Pakistan. They kidnap young boys and brainwash them to fight against Afghan people. Taliban claims that Afghans are not Muslim if they are working with America. That way they can say the killing of Afghan people working with America brings rewards in heaven for them.

I invite all people to unite, to fight to bring peace and harmony in the whole world—especially in Afghanistan and Syria and places fighting terrorist groups. I dream that one day we will have a peaceful and progressive Afghanistan.

By Sharifa

Photo: Ben White/CAFOD