Several months ago during the summer, thirty-one Afghan travelers were journeying from Ghazni province to Zabul province when the Taliban captured them near Zabul. Unmercifully, seven were beheaded, including a small child and her family and a nine-year-old girl named Shokura.

While people around Afghanistan came together and demonstrated about this horrible event, our government did little. Our leaders did not try to get the travelers released. Most of us trembled and poured out tears when we heard of this dangerous attack. But President Ghani and Executive Abdullah and their deputies seemed to act like this was normal.

With the government seeming to be unaffected, people themselves decided to bring the bodies of the seven people who were killed to Kabul in an effort to demonstrate that we don’t want these terrorist groups like the Taliban, ISIS, or any others to disgrace Afghanistan. We want to be brothers and sisters to each other. We want peace and freedom.

People came together and demonstrated for justice in Kabul, Bamiyan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar, Jalalabad, and elsewhere. In Kabul, thousands of Afghan people from different ethnic groups gathered to tell the world, the Taliban, and the government that we want unity, not terrorism in our country. We want justice and peace.

For fifteen hours people waited and waited for government officials to come out and say something. The people waited there in Mazari Square with the bodies of the seven travelers. Finally the crowd of thousands went to the presidential palace to demand that if the president cannot control the country, he should resign. These kinds of killings cannot continue. Sadly, police fired on the demonstrators who tried to get inside, and nine people were injured.

Later President Ghani came on television. He said these enemies want to divide the unity of the country and that we must have patience about these attacks. He said little else. Later, Abdullah’s deputy claimed that the demonstration was made up of people who were jobless.

Our government is not being honest with people and seems to be thinking only about its own power. These leaders do not feel what our people feel. Their daughters and sons are not the ones being stopped or arrested by the Taliban.

Our people want the terrorists who killed the seven people arrested and punished according to Afghan law. The government should pay attention to the security of the Afghan people by removing the Taliban and ISIS from Afghanistan.

Sometimes to my mind there is not much difference between the Taliban and our government. Taliban wear a scarf and the government leaders wear a tie.

We the Afghan people will prevail. We will take control of our country and serve our people. We are honest people who want justice and peace, not Taliban and a foolish government.

By S Anonymous

Photo via Twitter.