Afghanistan my country
Where life is bitter and full of danger
And pain and suffering are limitless
Where being in prison is called freedom
And being happy a crime.

One day a car bombing
Another day a suicide-bomber
In my country, someone is mourning every day
A child wants her father back
A man wants his wife back
A woman wants her family back
Enough pain is enough.

I am spiritually dead
Only my body is alive
Every time I dare to imagine love 
I see rivers of blood
When I want to speak
I sob and my breath throbs
No smile on my lips.

The meaning of happiness forgotten
How much more can my country tolerate?
How much longer will we not speak up?
How many suicide bombings will it take?
How much cruelty?
There’s no reason to live here.

See how much pain we have!
But seeing is not enough.

Please stop
I want peace for my country
I want to live like others
Enough of war and pain.

By Zahra W., age 15

The author is a student living abroad. Photo by Nadir Burney.