You always shout
Wash my dirty clothes!
Clean my dirty rooms!
Brush my black shoes!
Iron my clean clothes!

Hey! Hey! Shouting is not the human way
Wild animals behave like that.

You don’t allow me outside
To study or meet friends
To buy my own clothes
Or to find job opportunities
I stay in the house!

But again you yell
Conceive my children! You will work for me!

After hearing this heartbreaking speech
My heart fills with fire
But I tolerate it
I tolerate it because I have big dreams
I can see a bright future for myself

I think deeply and reply
Hey Woman’s enemy!
I am not the one who gets scared
Who burns herself
Who dies with wishes incomplete

Instead of breaking
I become stronger
Woman’s enemy
You know I am better than you
Woman’s enemy

You are afraid of me
Afraid that one day I will be your leader
Dear Women
Let’s work hard, show our abilities
To the world and defeat our enemies.

By S Anonymous

Photo by Gustavo de Oca