I am a woman
In childhood I am the one
Who makes her parents laugh

In youth I am the one
Who makes her husband happy
In old age I am the one
Who takes care of her children

In every time of my life
I am important
I am a girl to make my parents happy
I am a wife to be with my husband forever

I am a mother raising my children
I am a woman; a helping hand for all
As you heard many times
Paradise is under my feet

As you heard many times
Behind a successful man
There is the hand of a successful woman
I am the one who helps everyone

I am a woman, a mother
A sister, a wife
The one who brings cheerfulness
The one who makes the world colorful

So do not disrespect me
Do not throw stones at me
Do not humiliate me
Do not kill me with words

By Zahra H.

Photo by Staff Sgt. Christine Jones/Resolute Support Media