Because I am a girl
They look at me like a slave
But what is the problem?

Why do they think that I am not capable
I do my job as well as them
I am a talented girl like others
Why do they compare me to others

Why do they want to kill my talent
Why do they want to make me upset
I am disappointed
Because they try to kill my passions

I should die before they kill me
Before they stone me with their words
I am tired of this world, this life
Is it my sin that I am a girl?

Please let me live in peace
Let me discover my true self
Let me help to build up the country
Let me to be free

I am the one of the children who grew up
Wanting to change the world
Why do they ignore me
Why don’t they want me here

I should die before they kill me
Before they throw stones at me
Or I should run away from here

I am tired
Tired of everything
Tired of all that they do
Against me… just because I am a girl

By Zahra H.

Photo by Abbas/HORIZON