I want to be born again,
in a place where there is peace.
I want to born again where I could live more simply;
where I would know the route for my life—
where I would be able to laugh and get excited
to ride a bicycle in the road,
in the rain.
I want to be born again;
and live like a bird, fly over the blue sky
free from every bond.
I want to be a singer
shouting my pain out of my heart.
I want to be a painter with a paintbrush in my hand,
painting the oldest tree of the city,
or a rainbow after rain.
I want to be a poet
disappearing in the world of words,
or in the village with small garden,
with a gray cat lying under sun.
But I know I will not be born again…
I was born in the shadow of war and
I will die in the shadow of war.

By Farida

Photo by Argya Diptya