It is midnight of December 30, 2015.  I am alone in my basement and a strange silence fills my house. Whenever I think about celebrating the first day of 2016, the word that comes into my mind is “peace.”

And after that, I miss my husband and children. We are separated because I moved to Canada with the hope that one day my family will join me. I came here to find peace. I was raised in a country full of war, and I hate the war and warmongers. Peace is the biggest miracle; life is meaningless without peace. The pain of being away from my family for three years bothers me greatly; it is not easy to tolerate it. I feel very weak, but my dream for my children is peace and to live a peaceful life.

In my former home, the war is not the only big issue for my countrymen. There are so many other challenges for my people such as vile customs, illiteracy, violence against women, terrorist forces, the judgment of the desert, lack of law, and the thousands of human rights violations.

Peace is necessary for survival. Whenever I am passing down the narrow street to my house, I see a beautiful, colorful house with the beauty of a Christmas tree with a snowman in the center.  I feel a strange sense of happiness and I feel peace.

My neighbors are celebrating the New Year and they buy gifts for their children, but I think what can I do? I remember my writing group. Yes, I can share my voice to celebrate the New Year.

I wish the New Year of 2016 brings peace for all countries all around the world. May almighty Allah bring peace and happiness not only in my former home but in the all countries around the world.  I wish a Happy New Year not only for my family, but for all people around the world.

By Mariam

Photo by Jonathon Colman