This was a movie I saw
But it could be the story of many Afghan girls
Her parents, her brothers, the Taliban
screamed at her
Said she was worthless
Said she had no right to an education
girls should be at home
it is their job to wash and cook
And at the end of a dire night
A girl was left crying bitterly and bitterly
Nobody knew where the sound came from
And maybe, they thought, in reality there was no one
Maybe that is the sound of the night owl
Or maybe the buzzing of a bee
Nobody wanted to think it was a girl
Maybe they heard but couldn’t decide what to do
Who knows who is crying?
Why is she crying?
Do you know why she is crying?
Who knows why she is crying?
Then suddenly the sobbing stopped
Only dust pervaded the sky…
What was that?
Why was there no sound?
The next day…
There was no girl to recite the alphabet …
And there was no one to write…
No one to read…
Those sounds… the girl’s sounds
Had died under the brickbat of idiotism
And Buddha collapsed out of shame…
And so should we all …

By Zahra H.

Photo by nutmeg66.