Winter is one of my favorite seasons. How beautiful it is to have hot tea and a book in hand, and look outside while it is snowing. Each snowflake that falls reminds me of my friends and my brave people. They are as beautiful as snowflakes.

Watching the snow fall is calming even when the news is bad. That’s what I like most in this season. Snow and rain clear the air and I can spend more time with my family and focus more on my lessons and writings.

Still, I worry about my people’s survival in this season. There are some who can’t survive the freezing weather. I see the chilled hands of the poor children selling snacks along the road and I feel wretched. It’s difficult to think of people dying of cold. It’s difficult to see the street vendors selling food while not earning enough to feed their families, while other people like me rest on soft beds or warm sofas.

In 2010 there was a massive winter avalanche in Salang, the mountain pass north of Kabul, between Kabul and Mazar. Many people died. I felt terrible watching it on the news. Buses and cars were caught in the avalanche and swept off the road. 

The TV showed huge snows, with people carrying their dead, and orphaned children crying out for their parents, holding their parents’ shoes and possessions.

Everything in nature offers benefits and harm. Winter brings time to read and enjoy the beauty of the falling snowflakes. But winter also brings serious problems.

By Mary B., age 15

Photo by Michael Foley.