The fall is over, the winds blow
Winter is coming, it’s cold all around.
Some people are rich, some people are poor.
Outside it is very bright, everywhere is white.

Why can’t people understand how the inside looks? 
Why can’t some see the different people on earth:
Black and White, rich and poor, good and bad,
Dark and light, those who love peace and those who love war. 

So much discrimination between girls and boys
They become very different from each other—
Even more different than what we see
In the four seasons of the year.  

Summer is sunny and warm.
Everywhere is beautiful
With colorful flowers and trees,  
And all are happy. 

But in winter, everyone stays home
To stay warm and every
place is colored white
to show the differences, but

Allah gives us the example to follow
For every thing   
To know people in a better way,
To help each other be equal.

By Ayesha R., age 15