It is snowy and the paths are icy
My eyes see only my footprints
I want to talk to someone
I want to say: Hello and how are you?
But it seems I am not welcome here
I breathe deeply, collect all my voices
From my heart I say
I want to talk to someone.

No one answers
I am not allowed to shake hands
Not because I am a woman, and it is considered a sin
But because it’s freezing
And I might burn
The hands I shake.

I look at the sky, see nothing
I say to myself: the woman poet!
Listen to yourself, say hello back to your self
You are your own best friend!

Looking at the sky, the tears of God falling on my face
I say, it’s me again, the woman who always complains
Sky, I say, here I am again!
The loneliest woman in the world
Sky, will you open your doors?

There is no sound back
I hear nothing
Nature sleeps on her white wedding dress
The wind like the sound of a sky that screams
The frozen air, my teeth shaking like an earthquake.

Looking at the sky
I ask for some light but…
The weather is depressed
Doors are closed
Heads hide in warm clothes
Hands disappear into black gloves
It’s as if nature rests in peace.

Trees stand exposed like skeletons
The earth is cold, distressed, unkind
The sky is noisy and icy
Stars and the moon refuse to shine
The cold burns all over my skin.

Is it this frozen weather
Or the pain of all the thorns
Life has jabbed into my body
I don’t know
What I do know
It’s winter.

By Pari

Photo by Scott McCracken