A free media is one of the achievements over the last decade in Afghanistan and I was very sad when I heard about the bombing attack on the TOLO TV van that killed seven people. So many Afghans have left Afghanistan, including my family, and now we see how those who stay to develop our country are being killed by Taliban.

When I came back from school that day last week my father told me, “I do not know if it is reliable or not. The bus of MOBY Group-TOLO TV is dealing with a suicide attack.” When I hear things like this I hope it is only rumor. But this was true.

The Taliban had previously threatened TOLO TV, which has worked for a bright Afghanistan, one with freedom of expression. I am sad for the tragic death of their employees. Everyone is sad. In addition to those killed, twenty-five were injured.

What I learned about the victims from the media reports I found is this:

Mohammad Jawad Hussaini started his career with MOBY Group seven years ago as a video editor. His colleagues described him as a good and kind man who wanted to get married and have children. His sister is a police officer and she told TOLO TV: “As police and as a sister I will get revenge.”

Zainab Mirzaee was 25 and she started her career with MOBY Group as a Dari dubbing artist. She worked to support her parents and family. Her sister told TOLO TV: “Always the poor people must sacrifice.”

Mehri Azizi: Azizi was 22 years old and she worked in the graphics department. She spoke English and was learning German and her family was planning her engagement party.

Mariam Ibrahimi was also 22 and had recently started work as a dubbing artist six months ago. She worked side by side with men to support her family.

Mohammad Hussain was a driver for the company and he leaves five children. Hussain had wanted his children to go to school and become educated.

Mohammad Ali Mohammadi was also a dubbing artist. Hussain Amiri Amiri worked in the decoration department for eight years.

All of the injured are very sad. Ahmed Raza was with his sister in the car during the attack and went to the hospital where she died. Media reported how he said, “We are not scared and we will not stop our work. We will work harder now. We will never give up.”

The attack shows that the Taliban fear freedom. I tell you this, Taliban: By this suicide attack you cannot stop us, you could not close our mouths. Media will continue the way more bravely.

By Zahra W., age 16

The author lives abroad. Photo courtesy TOLOnews.