street child

War made me an orphan
Winter made me a street child

I walk alone across snowy streets
My old shoes with holes
My clothes tight, colors never matching

Children play in the snow
They make snowballs, snowmen
But I have no gloves, the snow hurts my hands

They’re happy, on vacation from school       
While I dream of going to school

These happy children eat hot, fresh food  
While I would be happy for something, anything, to eat

Warm cars go by as I continue
Walking the cold streets
Looking for money

Children go home to heaters, blankets,
Hot tea, mothers who make food

I go home to a tent with no heat,
Water everywhere, a sick mother who I bring food

Winter has made me tired
But I can still smile
I am tired, but I am strong

Because I have learned to survive
My future will be bright
Life is not always sad

My struggles show me life can be happier
I have a dream for my future
It will come true
This I know

By Shogofa Az.

Photo via Afghanistan Matters.