I’m a girl in lonely days
I fight every fresh torture
Don’t tell me about tomorrow’s sorrow
I faced the worst
Till the frontier of fear 
Till life almost ends.
It is not enough to be mad from fears
You have come AGAIN? and I don’t remember anything but being captive
You have come and remind me of my bitter past
To be strong, I broke

Maybe my future is beautiful?
Maybe every accident happened to me 
For a good reason
When you end a chapter in my life,
This life is in debt for me
You have to believe in me with love,  
With proof of hopes and wishes.   
With your favor and respect
My deepest wounds will be gone.
I was a girl in the happiest days
I was a girl in the happiest days.

By Malalay

ISAF photo by U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Laura K. Smith.