When I look at the world
When I see my life
I notice there are many things
To be happy about

I am happy about the smiles of
Strangers on the road
When I see them and
They smile at me

I like the sound of the river
And when I hear its flow
I feel peaceful

I touch the river and
I see how lucky I am
To feel its wetness

How happy I feel when I walk
Around to my neighbors
And see how
Nice they are

These are a few small things
That make me happy
There’s so much more
That brings a smile to my lips.

Some of the best are the people
In my life:
My brave father, my kind mother
My nice sister and my brothers

They are the heroes
I thank God for giving them to me.
How lucky I am
To have such a nice family

I have many loyal friends
Who are always there to help me
I am grateful to my God
Who gave me such a wonderful life.

By Zahra H.

Photo of Arghandab River in Kandahar Province by Karla Marshall/USACE