My sisters, all who share my gender,
Go to sleep so sleep can protect you.
Your pain is my pain.
Do not worry, good ones,
And save your energy for eternal sleep.

The world watched as Farkhunda was forced to die in the fire.
Shukria was handed her head.
We all tried to save them.
One of us got in the fire,
And another tried to prevent the carving of Shukria’s throat.
Rukhshana was stoned to death.
Bibi Aisha’s nose was cut.
We all are tired and crying.

Here, women are consumed like meals.
Our pain is the pain of all.
My sisters, you should sleep for all time.
My sisters, the wind will keep your names immortal in the world.
Take good sleep.

Your crime was nothing but womanhood.
Oh, sadly this is the ignorance of our country.
One sold for bread.
But now you sleep slowly and peacefully.
Shukria Jee, you sleep.

My sister, my combat, what was the outcome of your love?
The stones of the desert finally broke your head.
Now may you rest in peace.

By Fariba H.

A scene from Afghanistan’s Palwasha TV series, a show that draws attention to the issue of violence against women. UN Photo/Jawad Jalali.