I turn on the TV
to my favorite channel, CNN News.
Errol Barnett and Rosemary Church
Say “Good Morning!” 

Iranian President Rouhani is visiting Italy and the poor. 
At the museum, the nude sculptures hide behind plywood panels. 
They don’t want to jump out and hug him.
They know kissing is a crime.
They know they have to hide themselves in the boxes.
To cover themselves and show respect. 

It is a shame.
When reality hides itself
in the name of respect,
the reality of nature is ignored.
If the president were so religious,
did he need to visit this museum?
Yet his visit helped us know
his point of view, his thoughts of our world. 

After the break, the news is Trump.
Donald Trump is not participating in the debate.
He wants to be the President of the United States?
The USA inspires countries all around the world.
I think about Trump, about his ideas. 
When he is not ready to come to a debate,
How can he be President of a country like the U.S.?

Afghan President Ghani is very busy.
He digs graves for ISIS in Afghanistan.
This feels like an exaggeration.
Many people in my country grow up
under extreme thoughts,
extreme beliefs,
like every one of them has a bomb
inside their heads.

How can we dig graves for each of them?
How can we wash blood with blood?
Why don’t we show them about peace,
about how to live a good life?
Can digging graves guarantee we will have
peaceful lives in the future?
When glass houses are everywhere,
can we break them all with stones?

We trust these politicians
We vote for them.
They carry our votes and hopes
What will our world be like with such politicians?
At the same time, the Taliban blasts
ignorance in the streets of Kabul. 
TV is their target! 

This time they broke a light.
This time they wounded my heart.
I open the window; I need to breathe the fresh air.
I think about Freedom Fighters who are
so much more than these suicide attackers.  
What will our future be in the hands of politicians?
I continue to scream:
We, the people, are the winners of freedom.
Freedom. Freedom!

By Pari

Photo: Rosemary Church and Errol Barnett of CNN.